Metal STB #wyyc2014

STB 2.0 “Heavy” 87 gr

and metal STB in preview at world’s 2014 Prague!

Stay tuned!

Love begins


Love has different shapes…


Proto family


STB 2.0, first molded plastic top, final Love. CW buttons

Sofia available – One Way Bearing is here

At last after a lot of work and changes the final Sofia is here (also known as the Titti prototype)

s a nylon ring  protects the aluminum top part of the body.

Also, I developed a new tip shape, i think this will be the bearing tip shape for the next tops

And now the most exciting solution of the year, the one way bearing tip

this is only a test configuration but shows all, the final tip has the new bearing shape and there are options for the outer bearing type.


Video: a group of spin top players….

A group of spin top players from; featuring Julio Londono, RunBMC, jim in paris, Daveid, topper777, Free Hinton, ta0, pplgrande, Mark Hayward (!) and some other dude, in no particular order. Special thanks to Tomymoonly and Vittorio Gorgone for the majestic mountain photos, and to Chris Ananda for getting that shot at the very end.
Spin tops: Strummol8 “Giulia” or “STB” (the smaller ones)
Song: “Variations” x Andrew Lloyd Weber

Strummol8 Spin Tops! from Chris Neff on Vimeo.

Anteprima ^_^

Piccola anteprima su quello che succederà a febbraio, speravo di avere tutto pronto per gli europei, ma la torneria non ce la fa.
La trottola con la forma strana è in delrin nella parte sotto, alluminio indurito nella parte sopra, il colore naturale dovrebbe essere nero, nella parte esterna c’è un anello in teflon per ridurre lo shock da urti, l’anello può essere sostituito. A differenza del prototipo ha il tappo aperto, così può portare il tappo con la seconda punta e permette di effettuare thumb grind interni sull’anello in delrin che sporge dalla parte sottostante.

Il secondo modello è la versione riveduta e corretta della mia prima trottola, alleggerita e con la forma che ricalca quella della Giulia ma con dimensione intermedia tra le due.

L’ultimo puntale prodotto rimarrà standard per il gioco a punta fissa, mentre quello dei disegni diventa quello per il gioco a cuscinetto, diventa pure quello per il gioco con il cuscinetto uni direzionale.

A little preview of what is coming in February, i was hoping to have all ready for European Contest but the machinist can’t make it in time.

The first top is make in delrin in the bottom part and hardened aluminum on the top part with black natural color, with a teflon ring that reduce the damage taken from falling on the ground, the ring can be changed if seriusly damaged. There is another difference than the prototype made last year, the cap is open so can hold the special cap with the second tip, also inside is possible to make thumb grinds on the inner part of the delrin part.

The second top is the prototype of the STB 2,0 (my first top) or MiniGiulia, the shape is similar to the Giulia top, less weight than the STB 1,0  and heigh between the last two tops.

The last is the tip shape for the next bearing and one way bearing play, the last tip i produced will remain the standard for the fixed tip play.


Titti prototype review ^_^


String Burn Live Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StringBurnLive Review 07/08/2010 from 23 minutes and 30 seconds


New top ready!!!!

Ok I’m working on them, here a shot: